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Cling Stickers offer Static Cling Sticker with full color and customization. Available at an affordable price. Design a unique cheap cling sticker to advertise your product or services.

  • Reusable custom cling stickers
  • Full color CMYK and Pantone Color Matching System
  • Use on any flat surface
  • Custom create any shape or size
  • Free Proofing
  • Free graphic designer available 24/7
  • Free shipping all over USA

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Resuable Static Cling Stickers

We all want to save money on advertising for any new or established business. So if your marketing expenses have become an excessive method of promotion, choose cling stickers that are a simple and cost effective tool. We all want an easy way to get the word out about our services at a cheap price. Why not find a better way then with reusable static cling stickers? Nothing can compare to the sturdy and durable cling sticker material.

Cling stickers can be used for any purpose of you choice. From a company logo to a funny slogan, there is nothing you can’t design on a cling sticker. The wide selection of cling stickers can be created based on which location you would like to apply them. From custom wall cling stickers to vehicle bumper cling stickers, create a graphic based on your choice. provides high quality ink and exceptional color selection. Generate custom cling sticker graphics using our CMYK and Pantone Color Matching system which is the latest technology of color printing online available. We provide the highest value of printing color stickers at an affordable rate. Designing a personalized cling sticker can create an instant attraction to some viewers. Custom full color stickers should be designed with bright and vivid colors to help your logo appeal a wide audience while being striking at a single glance. Not only can a vibrant and bold design create a positive first impression but can lead to reaching a large target market.

Go beyond your creativity when it comes to cling stickers. A glossy cling sticker will look attractive on any surface such as a vehicle, window or painted surface without damaging them. Cling stickers for trucks are another way to advertise your services. While most ordinary stickers are impossible to remove without using harsh chemicals, cling stickers are easy and convenient to remove. Simply apply on a surface of your choice making sure it is free from dust and dirt.

The multiple uses of cling stickers provide a method of promoting your services or products to a wide audience. Apply them on various vehicles to generate a profitable sale. Vehicles are the perfect campaign tool for cost effective purposes. Not only can multinational corporations receive benefits but small start up companies and organization can greatly achieve identical results.

Choose vast selection of static window clings to customize to your promotional or personal use. A unique designed static cling bumper sticker can be created with any design of your choice. Our graphic designers offer creative and edgy designs that match your own idea. Our team is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to meet your queries about printing cling stickers.

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