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Handmade soaps are a unique product to sell to the mass market. With so many brands offering soaps in different packaging ideas, gaining attention from buyers can prove a unique selling point to consumers looking for reliable products for their personal use. While much of the focus should be on the soap product itself, it is important to not forget the outside package that will gain customers to become loyal to your brand. Customers who want to purchase your product will look for a few different eye-catching aspects on your packaging.

Designing your soap packaging should include a few different aspects such as a bright colorful logo, product name, specifications along with helpful ingredients which will attract the customer. First impression is key in designing your soap package box. Give your clients a purpose to use your products, mentioning these aspects will gain a better advantage over competing brands. Select from premade templates for your soap box or design your own using simple and stylish designs. Our highly trained graphic designer team is available 24 hours a day throughout the week to help you create the perfect packaging for your soap product.


Wrapping Your Soaps With Embroidered Paper

Wrapping your soaps in vibrant colored laminated sheets will prevent your soap from dents and scratches that regular sheets of paper can cause. A glossy laminated paper will prevent any moisture from sticking to your soap. Wrapping sheets come in a variety of different embroidered designs for a creative effect. Your business will thrive with a sturdy and durable packaging that will present your soap products in a unique and customized manner.

Other designs you can choose from, are with a simple background in a single color with your company logo placed in the center with a few keywords to enhance the unique selling point of your soap. Packaging boxes can also come in a sturdy cardboard material which can be reused for traveling with your soap. Another unique packaging design is placing a simple wide strip with your logo on your Gift packaging your soaps can present your product in a artistic manner. Use ribbons and bows to make a special appearance of your soap boxes. Using a thick and laminated paper is important when selecting your design. A glossy laminated design will give the appearance of bolder colors. PrintingFairy offers a wide range of durable, tear resistant and thick sheets that will last through storage.