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Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Printing

Packaging Boxes serve the very essential function of protecting products to be transported through various types of logistic systems and for safe storage in the warehouses. Equally important, a retail packaging box serves as a presentation and marketing tool when a useful description with high quality graphics is printed on them for display to potential customers. Other than serving a protective layer or enclosure for the product inside, packaging boxes usually have printed information about sizes, quantity, weight, description and the manufacturer's name & identity etc. Packaging Boxes of different sizes and types are used by businesses. Most common types of packaging boxes are:

• Small Gift Boxes

• Bakery Cake Boxes

• Carton Boxes

• Beverage Boxes

• Food Boxes

• Wholesale Printed Boxes

• Embossed Packaging Boxes

• Foil imprinted Packaging Box

Color Printed Packaging Box The usually unpredictable nature of handling & shipping within logistic and transit systems, and difficulty during loading and unloading products require that packaging boxes be made of durable materials such as corrugated fiberboard, paperboard and heavy cardboard.

Most common packaging boxes have 2 or 3 layers of cardboard for their construction: the outer layer, the inner layer and a middle or in-between layer. The outer layer has laminated coat for print display, the inner layer is mostly plain card-stock; and the corrugated layer which adds strength and stiffness to box is usually glued to other 2 layers. Depending upon design, size and type of retail packaging, a box can have only 2 layers: the outer card-board and an inner corrugated layer. This can result into substantial savings providing cheap yet quality packaging boxes. Further, most of the cardboard and cards-stocks used in construction of packaging boxes are Eco-friendly and can be readily recycled.

The shape, size, design template and format of packaging box vary from vary according to specific and custom requirement. Packaging boxes could be square, rectangular or custom shaped with intricate corners, curves and contours. It is not unusual to have an elongated, oval and sloped or domed top surfaces, or uneven horizontal and vertical sides. While designing a cardboard box, you should consider several aspects: protection of fragile articles against crushing & crumbling; provision of adequate strength for stacking in warehouses; and finally type of lamination and printing that would go on the box.

Cardboard box consist of a variety of heavy paper-like materials including card stock, corrugated fiberboard, or paperboard which is a combined paper-based material consisting of a fluted corrugated medium and one or two flat liner-boards. Several types of cardboard box are used as like a carton of cereal, hard cigarette pack or paperboard box, drink boxes etc. PrintingFairy.com, extends expertise in designing, fabrication and printing of retail packaging boxes for your business products for presentation to your customers. We offer competitive price with custom sizes options according to your business requirements.

Whether you are an established business or starting with your first product, our in-house design & PrePress team can offer valuable help in designing and printing. We offer high quality full color CMYK process and Pantone Matching Colors (PMS) printing at cheap rates. We can provide small quantities of corrugated boxes for your packaging solutions. Send us your files at service@printingfairy.com, contact us via Live Chat or call us at 631-609-3637 for you custom printing requirements.