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Pocket Presentation Folders


• Create a Glorious effect with embossed designs
• Durable pockets on both folder panels
• Foil Stamping adds a metallic touch to your logo
• Full color printing using CMYK or PMS colors
• 9″x12″ & 9″x14.5″ Legal Size available
• Laminate your folder for added durability
• Free graphic designers available at your service
• Free Business Cards Slots on each side
• Free Inside Pockets, No Die Cut charges
• Free Shipping to all US and Canada

Presentation Pocket Folders

Step your foot in the door while carrying a professionally designed pocket presentation folder. Using a presentation folder for your job can lead to an efficient and organized manner of showcasing your efforts. By presenting your work in a proficient manner can lead to better opportunities of advancement in the company. Displaying your work in a neat approach can give a proper presentation of your employment in the company. Comparing custom printed full color pocket presentation folders to plain folders can greatly differ in appeal and profitable return. By using cost effective strategies is one simple way to boost promotion of your services.

When it comes to presenting your work to an audience, it’s important to receive a positive first impression before you even speak aloud. To grab a viewer’s attention fast, a pocket presentation folder can be handed out to audience members. The folder can consist key notes from your presentation, which can aid in effectively proposing your views. Custom presentation folder printing can be considered as an introduction to your work. Gain the attention of the entire room with your personalized presentation folders.

Designing your presentation folders can go hand-in-hand with your company. Consider using relevant color templates and themes to generate a unique design. Many companies make the most of personalizing their presentation folders. Since folders are the first contact with a client, many can benefit from having key company information on the folder. A well-designed presentation folder template is an easy alternative to selecting a design. A ready made template is a faster way of selecting a design, which can take a long process if you consider a fully customized design.

2 pocket presentation folders is a great advantage to any marketing campaign. A cheap presentation folder is a cost effective method when ordering custom folders in bulk. Multinational businesses can greatly profit from wholesale prices. Handing out custom folders does not have to cost a huge amount. In the long run, ordering bulk can be inexpensive with a high profit return. Pocket presentation folders can make a significant effect on the reader considering that the folder is designed elegantly.

Custom printed presentation folders come in a vast range of styles and sizes. From various styles of glossy and matte finishes to boost your visual appeal and aiding in durability with lamination. By coating your pocket presentation folders with lamination, you are creating a long-lasting and damage resistant folder. Embossing and foil stamping your folder are more ways of custom creating your pocket folder. Add an extra touch of creativity by foil stamping your logo onto your folder. The colored metallic finish will look sophisticated and graceful. Order with PrintingFairy.com can help you save time and money. Create a well designed pocket presentation folder with your choice of style and finish

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